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Newquay Activity Centre is home to our site specific Coasteer Centre, Coastline Coasteer

Wearing a wetsuit, a buoyancy aid and a helmet, you’ll see a side to our beautiful craggy cliff line that you simply wouldn’t know existed: smugglers’ caves, natural sluices, incredible marine life, all combined with the adrenaline rush of jumping from cliffs into the sea. Coastline Coasteering provide an incredible buzz that you simply can’t replicate elsewhere.

You’ll be taught new skills to help you negotiate your way from a course starting point in one of Newquay’s natural inlets all the way to a finish point up to a kilometre away. But Coasteering Newquay isn’t a race – it’s about swimming with the swell, using the tide, clambering through caves, marvelling at the towering cliffs, and being guided through natural sea water sluices and whirl pools.

We have many Newquay coasteering routes to choose from, each one offering something slightly different: The North Coast Challenge; The Low Tide Explorer; The Eco Coasteer, Adventure Gulley, The Family/Private Coasteer, The Advanced Coasteer and the Jet Ski Coasteer.

The Family / Private Group Coasteer

Intensity level: Low-High Your choice!!!

Guaranteed small group coasteers specifically designed around the capability and wishes of the whole group.

The Eco Coasteer

Intensity level: Low-med

Coasteering is a unique opportunity to see the local coastline from a close up perspective. With our experienced and knowledgeable coasteer leaders you will be guided through caves, sluices and whirlpools that all provide delicate and unusual ecosystems for the local wildlife to flourish in.

The Low tide Coasteer

Intensity level: low-Medium

As the tide recedes the once deep and mystical coastline becomes exposed, opening up a completely new and adventurous route. The low tide coasteer leads you on a tour through dark, water filled caves home to friendly grey seals and opens your eyes to the incredible local indigenous wildlife around the rigid coastal geology.

The Advanced Coasteer

Intensity: High

Not challenged enough from the other options? Still frothing for more coasteer action but would like to try a different route? The Advanced coasteer is guaranteed to fill your boots with increased action and adrenalin around undisturbed and in accessible parts of the Cornish coastline.

The Jet Coasteer

Intensity level: High

New and Totally Unique to Coastline Coasteer!

We’ve taken the incredible coasteer adventure and gone one better, through the use of man and machine! The Jet Coasteer experience will see participant’s coasteering through awesome sluice rides, rock jumps, whirl pool negotiation, and enjoying the general coasteer tour features. But part way through the mission we add an awesome twist.

The North Coast Challenge

Intensity level: Medium to High

Once the Newquay tide has pushed in prepare yourself for breathtaking leaps of up to 10 metres from overhanging ledges and to be spun around in swirling whirlpools. Then compose yourself for challenging coasteering traverses and feel the rush of swimming through fast running gullies.

Adventure Gulley

Intensity level: Medium

Receiving rave reviews, this coasteer involves a nimble yet fascinating cut along cliffs and rocks overlooking Newquay Bay. With less swimming involved, you'll be confronted by an awesome cave ripe with features for exploration, taxing yet fun traverses, and you'll negotiate epic jumps including a bold leap into a deep water gulley.

We’re the only Coasteer company in Newquay with our own centre that includes changing rooms, showering facilities, regularly in-house trained staff, and exemplary safety standards.

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